"Thanks 800775LOAN.com for your continuing support in my search for a better loan and for keeping me informed of what's going on with housing and financing markets. This certainly helps when others may try to sale their rates as being the best. Your efforts and honesty are truly appreciated, Best Regards."

- Jimmy S
Satisfied Customer

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"I wanted to take a moment to recognize CraterTeam.com for your outstanding customer service in my recent home refinance process. The knowledge and professionalism of your staff was exceptional. My Mortgage Planner explained the entire process and managed all of my expectations before we got started. He gave me honest advice while taking the time to clarify all of my options on different loans available. He presented a cost benefit analysis for each option so that I could make an informed decision. Then he investigated the specific state requirements for Massachusetts and made sure he followed the regulations so that we could close without any last minute holdups. His communication skills were remarkable.  He kept me informed every step of the way, and always made sure he was available to answer questions and concerns. I have recommended CraterTeam.com to my colleagues and family. Many people I have spoken with choose not to enter into the refinance process because it can be intimidating and time consuming. These folks really need to have a conversation with CraterTeam.com and I am confident they would proceed!! I am so appreciative of the time and effort CraterTeam.com spent to make sure my loan process went smoothly. In this time of recession, we are very thankful to have worked with CraterTeam.com. Because of your experienced staff we were able to refinance and save a huge amount of money. We have secured a loan that will serve us very well over the next 30 years!"

Dr. Nancy P., MA


"Thanks to CraterTeam.com, I was able to understand the benefit of paying of my old tax lien and consolidate it into a new fixed rate mortgage. I am saving hundreds on wasted interest penalties, reducing my total monthly expenses and investing the difference to help me save for my long term retirement goals. The process was smooth and simple and my loan professional was great!  Thank you CraterTeam.com!"

Steven S
Satisfied Customer


"I was previously working with a few different loan officers on all my real estate transactions.  Because a few deals went sour, I decided to try someone at CraterTeam.com.  I am pleased to say that they treated my client as they would their own family.  I am committed to only working with them in the future!"

Rick L
Real Estate Broker


"I wasn't sure I could refinance my adjustable rate mortgage into a fixed rate before my payment took a hit, thanks to an IRS lien on my home and a bankruptcy within the last few years...But my specialist at CraterTeam.com really went to bat for me and not only got it done, but saved me $9,400 in closing cost by locking the 30 yr fix rate I wanted at the correct time!"

Peter K
Satisfied Customer


"We recently completed our first refinance. Since it was our first, we had a lot of questions. Luckily our representative at CraterTeam.com was both friendly and informative. Due to purchasing our home in an Inclusionary Housing program, it was very difficult to find a lender that could finance our loan. Thanks to CraterTeam.com, we now have a low rate 30 year fixed loan and we couldn't be happier."

Julie R
Satisfied Customer


"The residential mortgage industry is a very competitive market.  As a commercial banker I know that a residential loan is viewed a commodity in the marketplace.  The only variables are price and service, but at the end of the day a mortgage is just a mortgage.

Over the years I have worked with many residential brokers that have offered various levels of service.  Their level of professionalism directly reflects on my name.  When my clients are looking for a fast, easy solution to purchase or refinance a home, I send them to CraterTeam.com.  It is the nontraditional approach to the mortgage lending market that makes them the simplest solution.  My borrowers fill out an online application, at their leisure, and then the request is followed up with a phone call from a knowledgeable professional for any other issues.  It is really that easy.

The service has been outstanding and my clients thank me.  I would tend to think that this level of service comes at a cost, but the rates are extremely competitive and they have been able to find financing for the toughest borrowers.  There proprietary model not only streamlines the application process, but it solves many of the inefficiencies in the marketplace.  There business will be the wave of the future in residential lending and it makes my job easier, knowing that I can make one phone call to fill any of my client's residential mortgage needs."

Ryan F
VP of Fortune 500 Business Bank


"When I needed to Refinance and pull cash out of Historical Victorian 3 unit in San Francisco, I couldn't find a Bank or Lender that would help, that is when a family member recommended CraterTeam.com. Your staff helped walk me through the whole process, from application to funding. Now I have a great new loan and I was able to pull out even more cash than I needed!"

Cindy C
Satisfied Customer


"Thanks CraterTeam.com for your continuing support in my search for a better loan and for keeping me informed of what's going on with housing and financing markets.  This certainly helps when others may try to sale their rates as being the best.  Your efforts and honesty are truly appreciated, Best Regards."

Jimmy S
Satisfied Customer


"Thank you for getting my clients loan funded.  They were both extremely happy with your staffs personal touch and attention to detail.  That really means a lot in this business."

Sheila B
Real Estate Broker


"Being a first time home buyer is a very interesting situation. You hear rumors or what you need to do and what you need to avoid. It's hard to decipher which information is good and which information is just babble. When pairing up with CraterTeam.com I quickly learned that they are top notch and really understand today's market. In a market that changes every single day with laws, rates, and conditions it's important to have someone that is really on your side. The skilled, trustworthy, and knowledgeable staff at CraterTeam.com made our home buying experience a breeze. I did not have to stress and worry about the small stuff because I had a team on my side that was willing to do the extra work to get my loan done right. Do yourself a favor like my wife and I did: avoid the scams, the worries, and the possible loss of a deal and get with CraterTeam.com so you can get into the dream home you have been working so hard for."

Matt & Christie W., CA


"I am in the process of trying to purchase my first home. The representatives at CraterTeam.com have been so helpful in all aspects this venture and are doing everything in their power to get me approved for my loan. I will definitely recommend your company to all my friends, thanks CraterTeam.com."

Durinda F
Satisfied Customer


"I am proud to say I finally worked with a loan officer that was on my side.  My loan officer at CraterTeam.com was able to inform me of when the best time to refinance would be, not attempt to push me into a loan right away.  The advice to wait ended up saving me a few thousand dollars!"

Craig H
Satisfied Customer


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